A perfect example of how NOT to get referrals… Post 1 of 3.

I’m not sure if it’s a result of the dog-eat-dog society we are in but I’ve had several experiences recently that are perfect examples of how NOT to get business referrals..

Example 1 – Person that I had met BRIEFLY… in APRIL… calls me out of the blue in August, and calls and calls and calls… And starts leaving messages on my voicemail point blank asking me to promote her services to my business woman’s group… She continued to call over the next week until she caught me on the phone. I politely let her know that there were already several people in my network that provided the same services and that if I was going to refer anyone for that, it would be to them..

And then, she had the nerve to try to convince me why she was the better candidate to give the referrals to.

Now, this woman has never attended one of our meetings, never made an effort to get to know me or minimally ask me how could SHE help me… and was very offensive in that she had horrible breath and terrible gas when I sat next to her…

Morals of the story:

1 – PERSONAL HYGIENE is not optional – I meet WAY too many people with breath issues in networking. Let me tell you , I never forget it and have a hard time getting over it.

2 – Before having the gall to try to flat out solicit business referrals from someone, at least make SOME sort of an effort to get to know them… Minimally ask them what kind of referrals are they looking for and try to engage them before expecting them to refer you.

3 – Never try to convince someone to refer you when they have been so blunt as to say that they have other people they will refer to. It’s just rude and comes across as inconsiderate and desperate.

I have several other true shocking referral-solicitation examples to share so stay tuned for the next post on Monday!

Have you ever experienced something like this?


3 responses to “A perfect example of how NOT to get referrals… Post 1 of 3.

  1. *Wow.* That lady sounded like a total newbie!

    Love the list, Taryn! How right you are! 🙂 Can’t wait to see the second part.

  2. I love you story. I came over from Lynn Terry’s tweet how not to get referrals.
    1) No one likes a pushy salesperson.
    2) Everyone likes someone that wants to help you out of the goodness of their heart without expecting anything in return.
    3) First impressions count. How you look, act, smell, and what you say are very important. Key is to look, act and be successful to attract success.
    4) Never act needy or pushy.
    When I interviewed people, if they had a better way to do it than I suggested – I deemed them pushy and overbearing.
    If they wore a polyester suit, I felt they had bad taste and possibly would have bad judgement in other areas.
    For the salesmen that would call on me, it was the ones that wanted to help me learn my new commodity (DRAMs for instance) that got my attention and eventually I worked to help them learn how to get more of my business.
    The pushy ones that just wanted and wanted, I never had time for.
    Also remember trust in your relationships. I would write $500k deals and ink it on a handshake with a follow up email to confirm the agreement with a reply of yes that is what we agreed. We each trusted each other to hold up our end of the deal and that is what lead to other deals.
    Thanks for sharing,

  3. Whoa, this is SO true. I frequently get the same for Atlanta Web Entrepreneurs.

    Rule #1 should be, as you imply: “Don’t EVER ask an organizer to promote your products or services to their group if you’ve never taken the effort to attend one of their meeting!” Right? 🙂

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