Are you making this business faux-pas and sabotaging yourself?

Why is it that some people come across as serious, stern and unfriendly accompanied by intense scowls when they’re not really like that? I’ve met several people recently who are so kind, fun and gracious yet when I first met them, they gave off quite the opposite impression…

This is a very big problem in business networking.. What expression are YOU making when not sporting a smile? Try on your party face and see what happens!


Background – This post was prompted when I was walking in front of a store and a woman approached me with the most foul expression…I smiled at her… Nothing. I nodded my head in acknowledgment of her. Nothing. I loved her outfit and decided to give her a compliment even though I thought she might spew venom at me if I spoke to her. Then, and ONLY then, was it that  her entire position changed and it became apparent that her expression was NOT an accurate reflection of the person inside…

It got me thinking about how many times this happens in business networking and how many strategic alliances are turned off by people who aren’t thinking about the image they are projecting and their unapproachability. Yes, it’s true, you can’t just a book by it’s cover but sometimes the cover is the first and only impression you get of someone and make your decision as to whether you are going to pursue that relationship or not.


2 responses to “Are you making this business faux-pas and sabotaging yourself?

  1. I’ve lost count of how often I’ve seen this. I’m frequently guilty of it, myself. In today’s technology driven world, I think a friendly smile goes a lot farther than it used to. Unfortunately, it’s one of the most neglected accessories. Here’s to being gregarious!

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