The Secret to Being Remembered

On Oct 29, I was a speaker at the business meets charity event, “Small Business Giving Big, on “How to attract referrals like a magnet.” In addition to being a speaker, I had the pleasure to sit in on the presentation by Bonnie Ross-Parker, America’s “Connection Diva.” She was talking on pointers for effective networking and she said something that truly resonated with me. I have always applied this to my networking strategy and teach it to my networking coaching clients but she summarized it beautifully and succinctly.

“If you rescue someone, they will love you forever.” Bonnie Ross Parker

Now, I am sure you can see the various ways that this can be applied in life and business… In this instance, she was referring to when you are at an event and you see someone standing alone… There are always people like that at functions… In fact, you might have been one of them at some point.

Her point is that, if you introduce yourself, make them feel welcome and even try to introduce them to some others at the event, you will surely stand out. This will make all the difference in their experience and they will also be open to learning more about you because you went out of your way to make them feel welcome. In addition, there is a great likelihood that they will not forget that experience because of how you went out of your way.

“Why show up [to a networking event] if you don’t want to be remembered?” – Bonnie Ross Parker

Have you ever had an experience where an individual went out of their way to make you feel welcome? Have you ever “rescued” someone?  What were the results of those experiences?


4 responses to “The Secret to Being Remembered

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  2. This in a nutshell describes all you need to know about networking, and life.

    Help others and you will have more fun, get more done and attract magic into your life.

    If you think you are not getting enough.. GIVE MORE.

  3. Probably the simplest, easiest pieces of advice on networking I’ve ever read. I ought to try that at the next meet-up I go to. And I should document what happens.

  4. Or, from what I hear, you can stand out by wearing some incredible red shoes! 🙂

    So true, great thought mention here, I’m sure anyone who reads it will remember to reach out to those wallflowers at the next networking event!

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